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Moon Glow

What phase of the moon are you?  Introducing Moon Glow pendants and bangle bracelets!  Every moment has a Moon!  Moon glow is a reminder of a special moment, person or change that matters to you.  It is a creative way to represent moments in your life and cherish them like the moon in the sky.  You look up a special date in the book that we have such as a birthday, anniversary etc., and we can tell you what the phase of the moon was on that exact day.  Then as you wear them during the day, they catch the light and glow at night!  Very personalized and unique!  They come with a card that explains your phase with a little story about your personality and a Moon glow guarantee with date of purchase. Stop in and see what phase of the moon you are!


Charles Garnier

Introducing Charles Garnier from Paris!  Charles Garnier is a sterling silver line of jewelry!  As well as the silver look we also have gold vermeil.  Very nicely done with bracelets, earrings and pendants available!  Stop in and see Charles Garnier from Paris!!


Crown Mens Wedding Bands

Announcing a new line at Vandemarks!  Crown Men's Wedding Bands!  Our new line of wedding bands come in alternative metals such as Cobalt Chrome, Titanium, Black Cobalt and Tungsten, just to name a few.  Plenty of new looks and styles to choose from!


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